Friday, May 6, 2011

Perfect Game*****

I put a lot of asterisks next to the title because it was only a 5 inning game but last Thursday, I umpired my first ever (shortened by still impressive) perfect game. 15 up, 15 down, 12 strikeouts, 2 ground out and one pop up. The kid just dominated from the first pitch and was pretty much untouchable. For me, it was a pretty boring game, I didn't do anything besides watch one team run around the bases and the other strike out but it was cool to watch.

I have had a bunch of rain outs lately. I am scheduled to work again this Thursday and it looks like the rain will hold off. I hope so because it would be nice to be out there more.

On a personal note, my 5 year old daughter played her first softball game last week. I put her in coach pitch instead of t-ball for her first year. Anyways, she had a lot of fun with her first game but my favorite part was her first at-bat. She made me so proud. She was scared to death and missed the first two pitches but then stepped back took a deep breath and hit the third. Then....she ran to third base. It was great. Anyways, it's nice to be on the parent/coach side for once. Above is a picture of her first game.

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