Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Games on a Perfect Night

There are some night when being at the ballpark is an absolute joy...last night was one of those nights. The weathers was perfect, the games (even though not all that competative in the first game) moved along quickly and there were no problems to speak of.

Last night I had two boys 13 games. I had the plate duties for the first game and it was the perfect type of game to have behind the plate. The pitchers were around the plate, the batters swung the bats and we were done in an hour 20 minutes. I love it when you have don't have to rush to get ready for your second game. The game itself wasn't that exciting. The final score was 14-4 and it could have been a lot worse. I did get a chance to umpire a couple kids who played on the soccer team I coached last fall so that was fun.

The second game was another boys 13 game. This was a pretty good game. The pitchers did a great job of staying around the plate in this game. I had three or four close plays in the field to keep me awake. We had three infield flies and a few balks but once again, there really were any situations that came up. We did have another balk call where the kid actually hit the ball. This time it was caught by the left fielder so we enforced the balk. The funny thing was, the coach came out about 3 batters later to ask why we enforced the balk. It was pretty funny.

It was honestly a very easy night at the ballfields last night. Now that I have said that, I'm sure next Tuesday will be a difficult night but that's ok...sometimes those nights can be fun too.

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