Thursday, April 7, 2011

Perfect Night for Baseball

Last night was a perfect night to be at the ball fields. Couldn't ask for better weather.

I had two boys 14 games last night and like I mentioned in an earlier post, I umpired with a fellow Umpire School Graduate so that was a plus as well.

I had the plate my first game. The pitchers were around the plate and the catchers blocked almost everything. I felt like I called a very good game. I felt very comfortable back there last night and I think my zone was pretty much rule book. It's always a good feeling to call a good game behind the plate. I punched out a bunch again. I guess the kids aren't ready to swing yet.

The second game was in the field and thank goodness the weather was good because for the second game in a row on the field, I had nothing to do. I have yet to have a close play in the field this year. The only time I did more than signal a call was when I called a balk. Other than that, none of the calls were close enough to justify doing anything more than make that hand signal. That is kind of frustrating.

We did; however, have our first complainer of the year. The assistant coaches on one of the teams was a little intense. He was pacing outside of the dugout before the game even started. I wanted to go over an remind him that stress can cause some serious health issues. He didn't have anything to say to me but anytime a close pitch went against his team, he would throw his hands up. Now, I must say, my partner called a very good game but this guy, I can already tell, is going to cause issues during the year. He never got loud enough for us to say anything but I am sure that will change as the season goes on.

Anyways, I am supposed to have two more tonight if the rains holds off. Can't wait to get back out there.

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