Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Tip of the Day 12/3/2009


Timing is a key skill needed in order to become the complete umpire. Your timing between when you see the call and when you make the call is estential. There should always be about a 1-2 second (sometimes longer) pause between the end of the play and the call being made. A quick tip. SEE THE PLAY, THINK THE CALL IN YOUR HEAD, THEN MAKE THE CALL.

You do this for a couple reason. First, on a banger (close play), you need the give the fans time to switch from looking at the play to looking at you. Secondly, this will help keep you signaling out but calling safe or vise versa. Also, it will give you a chance to make sure the kid holds on to the ball in some instance.

So remember, there is no need to rush your call and you are less likely to make mistakes if you slow down, see the play, make the call in your head and then yell and signal the call.

More to come....

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