Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Cold but at least it's not windy

Last night I had two game. Both boys 14. The first game was out silver division. I had the plate and called a much better game than the night before. My timing was better, my zone was consistent and I just felt a little better back there. The game itself wasn't much to talk about. 12-0 and should have been much more. For whatever reason, the kids just didn't want to swing the bat. I punched out at least 10 kids in 3 and a half innings. Other than that, there really isn't much to report.

For the second game, the starting temperature as a warm 38 degrees and it felt like it dropped quite a bit as the game went on. This was our Gold division. An interesting side note, this year, our top division (Boys 14 select Gold) use Wood bats. IN the cold temperatures, I was prepared to dodge some broken bats during the game. This was a very well played game. The score ended up being 5-0 but it was a much closer game than that. The kids are still trying to learn how to swing the wood bats so offense was sparse but there were some signs that they will get it.

Defensively, they keep me moving. Both catchers had guns and we firing the ball all over the infield trying to pick runners off. I liked it because in the cold temperature it was nice to have something to keep me on my toes. I had a couple close calls but no arguments on any of them.

Both coaches and teams were the best behaved I have seen in a long time. When we first got there, the home team manager came up to shake our hands and thank us for coming out. I have never had anyone say that before. After the game, he told us how much he appreciated us working his game and he was a losing manager. So despite my post last night, it's nice to know that some managers still teach and have respect.

Thats it for tonight. As of right now I am off until next Wednesday. Hopefully it warms up before that.

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