Monday, October 4, 2010

Update on the Big Weekend

Well, this weekend was my evaluation weekend for the Midwest Umpires Association. I have two 18U games at St. Louis University.

Before I get into the actual games, I have to comment on the field conditions. I will get them a break on the field because it is October and I'm sure they aren't working on it that much. What I will comment on is the lights. I was in the field for the night game and the infield so so poorly lit that I could barely pick up the ball off the bat. For a divison 1 field, I would have expected more. Also, the plate umpire was having ttrouble picking up the ball because there was a light on a SLU owned building that was directly behind the pitcher. Both cather's missed about 20 pitches each, one of which took a ball in the collarbone (it ended up that he broke his collarbone). For anyone who a supported of SLU athletics, this needs to be fixed.

Now, onto the games. My first game pitted a 16U team against a 18U team. I was behind the plate. I believe I called a pretty good game. My big boy strike zone was working and I don't think I missed any off the plate. There was on breaking ball that caught me off guard that was a little up I called a strike but other than that, it was a great game. My partner had also been to umpire school so it was nice to work with someone who knew where to be. I would give myself an A on that game.

The second game, I obviously had the field. This was a rough game. There were so many errors and mistakes on the basepaths that they had me running all over the place. I know that I kicked (missed) one call. There was a runner on 3rd (I was in the C slot) and the batter hit a grounder to the first basemen who automatically threw the ball to third. The runner got in a run down so I start running to third to get a better angle. I got about half way there when the 3rd basemen (who had the guy at home if he wanted him) turned and threw to second. It took all I had to get out of the way. I called the runner out at second but right after the call, I knew I blew it. I have gone over the play over and over again in my head and I believe I was right in heading over to third, those yo-yo plays are just very hard to call. Other than that, I got the rest of the calls right. I would give myself a B on that performance. I hustled and got in the right position. I just needed to do a better job of anticipating the mistakes the players made so I wouldn't get myself caught out of position.

All in all, it was a good night. I have not heard anything from the evaluators yet (I'm not sure if they were there or not to tell you the truth). Hopefully, I performed well engough to get myself some college ball next year. Only time will tell.

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