Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is this a Balk?

I know that the angle isn't great but let's see what you guys think. Is this a Balk?


  1. I don't think it is, but it is really tough to tell from the video.

    He does step towards 1st base. What may have make it a balk is if his right leg crossed behind his left (which would be the start of his motion home), but hard to tell from this angle.

  2. the pause of the foot did it imo

  3. BU indicates at the end of the vid, that F1 double set or didn't come set, or some nonsense like that.

    Does not have to set if he makes a play at a base.

    I did not see a double set.

    Welcome to U/E

    The only possibility here is the foot. Possibly not a direct step to 1B, but that does not jibe with BU's explanation.

  4. Steve,

    Your right, the BU does indicate that the pitcher doesn't come set, so obviously, my guess is that is why he called the balk. The angle isn't a great one but the move looked good.

    Looks like a bad call to me.

    Thanks for the welcome.